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Digital co-star in development

With the documentary film being approved by the China partners, the UK digital team entered the second phase of creating animation images. The sequence of digital images are designed to interact with Rousang throughout the performance. HUMAN named their digital creation as Rousang’s ‘co-star’.

The first digital image created is the floor length ‘Shanghai Window’, which is designed to be the focal point of actor-digital interaction throughout the performance. Film team will then shoot the rehearsal process and final performance.

As the consequence of losing the China partner along with their film studio and floor-length LED screen, the priority is to seek appropriate performance space where the actor-digital interaction may take place.

The first attempt was made to perform and film in the theatre space at Shanghai Textile Museum. However, limited lighting and sound system meant the filming quality is poor and the UK viewers can not see or hear much; alternative source has to be sought.

After a few trial, it is agreed that the rehearsal space at Shanghai Yue Opera House, which has a screen hanging in the middle of the air and professional stage lighting and theatre sound system is our only option to ensure a remotely close quality for an interactive performance being filmed and streamed live to the UK. It is on the stage of Shanghai Yue Opera House rehearsal space that our project continues to unfold.