Leeds Industrial Museum Digital Streaming

To coincide with celebrations for Chinese New Year, Leeds Industrial Museum is hosting the online exhibition Song of the Female Textile Workers, including streaming six short documentary films created for this project.

Each documentary film rediscovers a different facet of the UK-China textile industries as well as telling the stories of industrial and cultural development in Shanghai. They aim to explore the commonalities between the women who toiled in textile factories and on production lines thousands of miles apart between UK and China.

Leeds Industrial Museum is a heritage site housing exhibitions, from the local textile trade to wider regional industrial enterprises. The original Armley mill dates back to the 18th Century and was once the largest woollen mill in the world. The mill employed hundreds of workers from the local community including men, women and children and was one of the driving forces behind the city’s rise to becoming a world leader in textile and cloth manufacture for generations. Along with its extensive collection of physical exhibits on site and demonstrations of machinery which are still functional, the museum hosts regular online exhibitions and is a key part of the wider Leeds Museums and Galleries team, with historic sites across the area.

Leeds is a twin city of Hangzhou, from where the Shanghai migrant female textile workers originated. This project will further enhance Leeds-Hangzhou cultural and political connectivity and strengthen Yorkshire and China east delta (Shanghai-Zhejiang) cultural-economic development. Both Shanghai Textile Museum and Leeds Industrial Museum are the world’s oldest heritage textile mills turned contemporary art institutions. The partnership sees the first step of an ambitious project to test UK-China arts and cultural digital connectivity and to establish an ongoing, long term UK-China collaboration across wide creative economy sectors, including museums, theatre, SMEs (small and medium enterprises), as well as wide community-led culture creation and business collaboration.

Follow the link for the Leeds Industrial Museum Exhibition: Song of the Female Textile Workers – Leeds Museums & Galleries