This UK-China research-industry creative partnership brings together complementary expertise, knowledge and resources, across the UK and China creative industries, merging traditional and contemporary performance, and new technologies, with a shared focus on community-based and audience-centred innovative work, to generate a catalytic process of creativity.

This is ‘action-research’, as such the project will be highly iterative. Throughout the project development, the Project Team will work closely in a reflective and participatory manner.  The academic research team will work closely with the industry team to collate research information; it will monitor the process of collaboration, document and analyse the processes, which will feed into the industry partners to build the ‘creative chain’ and to nurture long-term collaboration. By the end of the project, it aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Joint investment and development of three mixed reality performance products for educational and commercial purposes;
  • Joint investigation of how digital technologies can be used to provide a new artistic expression of traditional Chinese regional opera to attract new constituencies, including national and international visitors;
  • Through the process of development of the products, to jointly explore how mixed reality performance may enhance rural-urban connectivity and contribute to Shanghai’s creative economy;
  • UK companies will have gained enhanced understanding of Chinese cultural production and audience consumption patterns and styles through the process of co-investing and co-producing;
  • Collaborative research-industry outputs will be generated including mixed reality performances, documentary film, journal articles, government reports, peer reviewed articles, edited books and monographs in both Chinese and English languages, which will contribute to the discourse and partnership building of UK-China creative industries;
  • UK-China research-industry partnerships will have been facilitated with the development of a ‘creative chain’, to include SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) as well as public sectors and research organizations across UK and China, enriching the diversity of UK-China creative industries and generating future production/research development which outlives the funded period of the project.

This research-industry creative partnership contributes to the joint ambition of developing sustainable creative industries across UK-China, and will offer a model to create educational, cultural and commercial mixed reality performing arts products, for UK-China cultural products trade and exchange. The process aims to assist the UK-China performance and creative industries sectors to develop in-depth understanding of Chinese production and consumption patterns and form a ‘creative chain’ that would outlive the duration of the project and forge long term sustainable socio-economic development which will bring mutual benefit to both China and the UK.