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Song: The Future


Building on Song of the Female Textile Workers (2021-2022), Song: The Future (2022-2023) sees the development of an avatar mobile site-specific performance with extended reality to further explore the shared UK-China in/tangible cultural heritage. Scan the barcode below to enjoy the performance!

This animation below is made by our project post-doc Dr Duncan Leggat, who is a trained quantum physicist. Taking audience data collected from Song: The Future, this digital animation interprets UK-China audience answers on the symbols of love through mechanism of quantum physics.


Project development

Song: The Future Showcase (February 2023)

Song: The Future is drawing to a close! It is therefore time for us to take a moment of reflection on the goals of the project - exploring UK-China shared heritage and connectivity - and how we can keep on improving in the future, at this showcase event for the projects outputs. So join us, won't you, as we explore the exciting world of Song: The Future!

Female workers' in/tangible culture heritage (Nov 2022)

Learn about the history of Yueju, and how it is embracing the digital revolution to appeal to a wider audience today!

Ouverture (October 2022)

Song: the Future is open and ready to go! Read about our opening experiences, and what we've been up to since opening day!

Dress Rehearsal (September 2022)

The performance opens tomorrow! Read about what we've been doing in the final days leading up to Song: the Future's opening to prepare ourselves and Lu for the big day!

All Hands on Deck (August 2022)

There's been a whole lot going on these last few weeks with regards to the Song: Future performance, so come on in and find out what!

Like Lu-king in a Mirror (August 2022)

Meet Lu, your guide and companion in the Song Future experience! Learn about her creation, development, and more within!

An Entangled Thread (July 2022)

What exactly does particle physics have to do with the Song future performance? You'll just have to read on to find out!

An Evolving Script (June 2022)

As production on the Song future performance ramps up, we need to nail down all of the project's final details. Of course, the script is no exception! Click here to find out how we're evolving and growing the script for the digital performance.

Entering the Megaverse (May 2022)

Sheffield-based studio Megaverse join the team for the Song Future performance. We hear from them on their thoughts on the project so far, and how they see it developing in the future.

A Human Perspective (May 2022)

We hear from Nick Bax - creative director of Humanstudio, Sheffield - about the studio's continued involvement in the Song of the Female Textile Worker project, and where he sees it evolving in the future.

Thoughts from Armley (April 2022)

We talk to the staff at Leeds Industrial Museum - the host of the Song: the Future performance - about their thoughts on, and hopes for, the upcoming performance.

A mobile site performance with extended reality (March 2022)

A brief introduction to the project, the venue, and the team making it happen!